About Us.

A Few Words About Saira

I moved from Pakistan to England at the age of 18, from the bustling streets and bazaars of Jhelum to Winchester.  After a few years of nostalgic longing for the tastes of Pakistan, I returned home to complete a cookery course and learn more about the dishes of the Punjab, whilst cooking family recipes with my mum. 

After my twins were born in 1997, I decided to establish a catering business from scratch. With four kids in tow, my husband and I began catering for local events in Winchester, such as the Hat Fair, weddings, and small parties. As time ticked on, our business has expanded and adapted: we now also offer cooking workshops. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we offered a zero-waste takeout service. This has also inspired me to continue being sustainable and to minimise food waste.

Our Food Policy

Our food policy is the importance of using the very best ingredients and wherever possible using local, fresh produce. We have a big emphasis on reducing food waste, and are always exploring new ways to be sustainable. Please reach out to Saira to discuss this further – we are known for it!

Our Core Values

Sustainability and reduced waste. 

 Excellent, personal service.

Tailored menus catered to your requirements. 

Sharing our love and pride of Pakistani food.

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