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Cooking is my passion and cooking good food is my inheritance. Having moved from Pakistan to England at the age of 18, it made me see what a good asset it would be to be able to cook like my mum as I was missing her cooking so much. Whenever we hosted a dinner party I received such an encouraging admiration from friends that made me realise how much I enjoy cooking for people. After a few years of nostalgic longing for the tastes of Pakistan, I returned home to learn about the dishes reminiscent of my childhood. There I attended an intense catering course in Pakistani cooking, where I learnt the skills and techniques I needed to maintain the quality of cooking for large numbers. Cooking with my Mum in her kitchen reminded me of my roots; preparing fresh vegetables for dinners out on the rooftops, to joining in with the quest of finding an interesting twist. Cooking became instinctual, a process without measures that I could get blissfully lost in. The depth of knowledge provided always left me amazed, eager to learn more. On my return to England, I was left to garner and recreate these recipes, passed down over to me from generation to generation.

For the past twenty year’s I have been managing a successful family run business. We have catered for large events such as weddings and festivals, to more intimate occasions. Here at Saira’s Kitchen, we understand that food is imperative to whatever the occasion. Therefore, we take pride in strong communication from the beginning, connecting and talking with clients to understand what they’re looking for, allowing us to provide superior service with our carefully planned menu. Our ethos has always been that no knowledge is good if it is not shared. Thus as demand increases; we are delighted to offer the opportunity to share our recipes and skills with others. We launched a hands on experience with our cookery workshops in Saira’s home in Winchester.